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Since the founding of our winery back in the 1970s, we have also a small distillery and, unlike many distillers, we have control of the raw materials in the form of our grape skins, from start to finish.
While most grappa producers rely on the pomace provided by various neighboring vintners, we are able to monitor our fruit from the vineyard to the winery and into the distillery.


·      We use fruit exclusively from the our 'home base' Trentino/Alto Adige area.  Of course the grapes employed in making our grappas and aquavites come from vineyards in our neighborhood, but we also get blackberries (Mora), quince (Cotogna), elderberries (Sambuco) and Rowan berries (Sorbo) fairly close to the winery. 

·      We are sticklers for top quality fruit and pay close attention to the precise moment to pick or harvest so we have ripe, aromatic and flavorful fruit.  Of course, having a measure of distillation technology to properly capture the essence of each product is imperative.

·      Purity.  In an era with companies offering all sorts of liquors with sweeteners, artificial coloring and flavorings and modest alcohol levels, we have a naturalist's and traditionalist's philosophy:  Our alcohol levels typically range from 45-48% (rather than 35-38%), which is traditional in distillates from the Dolomites.  Our only "additive" is pure, clean water which we do to reduce the potent spirits from 70 to 75% alcohol to a more palatable level.  We eschew, by the way, the usage of distilled, demineralized or purified water.  The water we use comes from the famous Surgiva spring in Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta.    This water is renown for its natural purity and naturally low mineral content.  The Scottish people are proud of their natural spring waters as are Kentucky Bourbon makers (who might recommend Bourbon & Branch water).    And we in Trento are even prouder of our local marvel, the Surgiva mountain spring. 


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