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Since our first vintage in 1975, Pojer e Sandri has offered its wines with unique and original wine labels.  With so many brands of wine wearing icons of grape designs, vineyard scenes, wine barrels or, today, "critter" labels, our bottles come adorned with classic, "vintage" art work.


With the help of a local art expert (he's a professor of art as well as a customer!), we're drawn to the creations of Renaissance era painters from Italy, France and Germany, especially the works of German-born painter and engraver Albrecht Dürer.


We're attracted to Dürer for a variety of reasons.  He was born in Nuremberg in 1471 and he was amongst the elite in terms of painters and engravers in that era.  Striving to improve his techniques, Dürer visited Italy to better understand the work of Mantenga, Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael.  It's known that the Adige River was flooding during one of his excursions to Venice and it seems Dürer passed through our little berg of Faedo, stopping to draw some watercolors featuring the nearby Cembra Valley, the Segonzano castle and the castles of Trento and Arco.

Today it is still possible to retrace Dürer's footsteps, traveling from the Alto Adige's San Floriano (near Bolzano) to Segonzano in Trentino's Cembra Valley.  We understand Dürer made his way from Costanza, south of Faedo, to Venice.

Dürer's works of art are numerous and they're a focal point for the labels of Pojer e Sandri.  Our classic wines feature Dürer's "Zampognaro" (a fellow playing the bagpipes), while our sparkling wines feature a Dürer engraving of a couple of cavorting farmers, and our reserve wines depict Dürer's watercolours on bottles of Rosso Faye, Bianco Faye. Essenzia, Pinot Nero and our Divino brandy.


When we began decades ago, the world of wine labels was quite simple.  Today we find the worlds of Art and Wine overlapping and we like to think, with Pojer e Sandri, in a most tasteful way.


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